About Lentradirect

lentradirect is a family  business, operated by Roland and Janelle Lenhardt and we have been operating this business also known as Lentra since 1991.

Roland has had a keen interest in breeding birds since his childhood, growing up in South Africa with Italian parents. He and his brothers kept pigeons and played in the "kopies" trapping finches to keep as pets.

This was the beginning of a life long passion and led to him keeping show Budgerigars and specialising in the Black Eyed Yellow variety. He has always been interested in genetics and found great satisfaction with keeping Budgies.

Work overtook pleasure in 1999 when we opened a small outlet in the Sydney suburb of Sefton. Our business flourished, but family circumstance led us to move to Northern NSW.. Murwillumbah to be exact in 2002.

Today we have once again opened a boutique shop specialising in all things aviculture. We do not open every day, so if you are in the area and want to drop in, give us a call and we will see what we can arrange. 02 6672 6420 ... just a note I don't mean 24/7..... we recently had a customer wanting to pick up, but did not ring to arrange and got upset when we couldn't open shop for him at 6.00pm on Sunday evening. ): Sorry about that.

Shop address :

Unit 1 in Shed 6

87 - 95 Quarry Road


Open for pick ups by appointment please ring 02 6672 6420.

Please ring to confirm

If you live within a reasonable drive to the Gold Coast/ Tweed area.. Murwillumbah is a beautiful place to visit and home to a number of notable breeders......

NB. We are a business and as such have responsibilities to abide by Federal and State regulations.All sales are subject to GST which is included in all of our pricing.



We are not passing ourselves off as not for profit, nor trying to drive other businesses out of business in some sort of power grab.Our pricing is what we consider the best we can offer, and is not a reflection of what other retail businesses should charge.We neither want to be involved in "club" politics nor involved in maligning other retail businesses or products.There are some exclusions from our range, as some suppliers will not supply us , in fact some suppliers in an effort to "control us" actually charge us a higher price than they do other  businesses.We tell you who we are , we tell you where we are. We offer all options for payment including Paypal, credit cards and Direct Deposit. We are reporting all transactions to the ATO ....Now who is legitimate ???. We are not a drop ship company. 


We are proud of our Business and of the relationships we have built over many years and we do not want to undermine any aspect of the pet / bird industry.



  • Specialist suppliers of Avicultural Supplies
  • Extensive range of rings and bands
  • Large stock holding
  • Discounts for Bulk Purchases