Mouse Traps, Rats and Lice Control


Coopex  Insecticide 25g sachet
  • Use in & around aviaries & bird rooms. & for infested nest boxes.
  • Cockroaches, Mite, Spiders

Chromed Rat Trap

  • Easy to use & re-usable
  • Springs ensure Rat can't escape once caught.
  • Really do work

Recent comment from repeat customer

"best trap caught 10 rats n mice in 7 days tried the dearer oz one it caught 0".............24/11/09

Deadly Mose Trap - Double Pack

  • Very effective Deadly & strong
  • We use these if mice in house as we know we have them, unlike bait mice don't crawl off into the wall cavity and stink the place out.
  • Not for use in aviary for obvious reason




Snap-E Rat

  • As with mouse trap
  • Very effective
  • as with above mose trap
  • DEADLY!!!!



Crab Pot Mouse Trap

  • An oldie but a goodie.
  • The mice crawl down the funnel and can't get back out.
  • Catch more than one mouse at a time.


  • Photograph shows two traps so that you can see the hole from different angles.
  • The price $12.95 is for one( 1) only.

Ketch- All

  • Price for 1  PLUS  Postage 
  • Multi- catch
  • Made in USA

Ketch-All Live Trap x2

  • SUPER SPECIAL !!!!!!!!!


  • Multi Catch
  • Easy to operate
  • Original USA made


  • Breeders love these
  • Use in aviary


Large Trap / Possum, Cat etc 040

  • For the humane trapping of feral cats, possum etc.
  • Allows you to  re-locate animal in a more suitable enviironment.
  • Comes flat packed & will take a few minutes to assemble
  • 61 x 18 X 23 strong wire construction