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The Complete Book Of BUDGERIGARS- Mozer

  • By Stan & Barbara Mozer ( 1989 )
  • New
  • Hard Covered Book
  • Invaluable for the novice breeder



The Complete Book of BUDGERIGARS by John Scoble

  • We have a selection of pre-loved books available.
  • This is an excellent book for anyone interested in the breeding and /or exhibition of budgerigars.
  • John Scoble is one of Australia's most respected  breeders,exhibitor and judge.
  • This book is our all time favourite for all breeders.
  • In all fairness to those who sell 2nd hand books the evaluation of condition is very open ended therefore I will endeavour to let you know what to expect from each book.Overall condition is reflected in pricing.Any questions please contact - Janelle - lentradirect@exemail.com.au

 Notes : 

 SD  Spine Damaged
 Y  Pages Yellowed - More than average for age of book
 W Some writing eg inscription
 WX Scribbling or similar on pages
 T  Torn/ Ripped Pages
 BD  Bottom of Cover or Pages Damaged, from being taken off shelf
 CD  Cover Damaged
 SM  Stains or Marks on pages/ Cover






 Edition Condition  Notes  Price
 SC1  First - 1981 Good  W,SD,SM (62 & cover )BD  $30.00
 SC2  First -1981  Excellent  Repair to Dust Cover  $45.00
 SC3  First - 1981  Excellent

 W & minorBD

 SC4  1984  Excellent  W & minor BD  $50.00
 SC5  1984  Excellent  Minor Yellowing P1 & Minor BD  $50.00
 SC6  1984  Good  Slight Yellowing  $45.00
 SC7  1984  V Good Stamped" Misbound"Dust marks on top, Sleeve torn on right corner  $45.00
 SC8  1986 1st  Excellent Slight BD  $60.00
 SC9  1986  Excellent  W & white out used to conceal name, Dust marks on top  $60.00
 SC10  1986  Good  BD, Minor tears& damage to dust cover.  $40.00
 SC11  1986 Fair  Book Good but , dust cover not as good and BD top and bottom  $20.00
 SC12  1987  Good  Book excellent, Dust coverdamaged, dust marks on top  $40.00
 SC13  1987  V Good  W, WX (Acknowlegement page) Dust Cover worn, Slight BD $45.00 
 SC14  1987  Excellent  Overall excellent , almost as new  $60.00

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