Bird Medications & Vitamins
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The health and well being of your birds is important to us.We are not Vets and respect their role in aviculture

We have included manufacturers information should you require further assistance please contact your nearest avian Vet. see links


Ornithon 25G

Multi- Vitamin & Mineral

Water dispersible mineral and vitamin supplement for aviary birds.

  • Known and Trusted
  • Economical to use
  • 500G  $32.00

Abdextra 500g

Abdextra is a concentrated source of soluble multi-vitamins in a dextrose base for use in poultry.

500g pack diluted in 900 litres of drinking water.This will provide one days water supply to either 3000 layers,30,000 day old chicks, 9000 chicks 3 weeks etc.

So with this concentration you can make up for chicks 5g = 1 teaspoonful to 9 liters of water. ( Very economical !!!!! )

  • Very economical to use
  • Concentrated this pack makes 900ltr for up to 30,000 chicks

PROTEXIN soluble probiotic

  • Concentrated Multi - Strain Probiotic
  • Water soluble blend of live viable microbes which benefit the host animal by improving the intestinal microbal balance
  • Everyday use of protexin helps maintain a balanced digestive system, thus optimising digestion of feed and enhancing the health of your birds , naturally.


  • Protexin pro biotic
  • concentrated
  • 1g to 2 ltrs of water
  • Orange Label


Photo shows 125ml



  • Concentrate
  • 125ml or the treatment of round worms in poultry and pigeons
  • Nil withholding

Protexin Soluble 250g

250g Protexin Soluble

Protexin Soluble 500g

  • Protexin Soluble 500g

Elliots Bird Wormer 125ml

For the control of Round Worm and Hair Worm in Cage Birds

Not for food producing species.


  • Keystat has a nil withholding for meat
  • But should not be used on birds which produce eggs for consumption.

Natural Vitaminor-

  • 350G Net


  • Rich in amino -acids and B vitamins
  • Supply to all birds twice weekly during Breeding and Moulting - approx 1 teaspoon per 100g in soft food mix.
  • Racing Pigeons .... Use on day of return from race and day after.
  • Moisten vitaminor with a little lemon juice, water or Garlic Oil. ONE lid of container per Kg of Grain.

Natural Naturaline 1lt

A concentrated mix of 15 different herbs.

Naturaline has a beneficial effect on the respiratory,digestive and urinary tracts.

For Pigeons general health give dailly for 8 days. Once or twice a week thereafter particularly during the moult and racing season.

One soup-spoonful of Naturaline per liter of drinking water.