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Budgerigar Breeding Accessories

Zeb Cuttle Bone Holder

  • Fits to outside of cage
  • No droppings on cuttle bone
  • Less waste
  • Use as salad rack etc
  • Great product
  • White only

Cuttle Bone Holder with Perch

  • As pictured
  • Great for the breeding cabinet
  • Fits inside cage

Dummy Eggs Standard X 1

  • Price is for Standard Budgie Egg

Dummy Eggs large X1

  • Price is for 1Larger style to keep hen higher off eggs
  • Helps prevent egg eating by hen


Nest Box - Budgerigar

    • Particle Board and MDF construction
    • Recessed base
    • 23cm x16 cm x 15cm
    • 5cm diameter entrance hole
    • suit budgies, varieds and other small birds
    • use inside cage, aviary or breeding box
    • ventilation slot at rear of box