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Canary Breeding Accessories

Dummy Eggs Canary each

  • Price is for each  in blue or white
MIT Pins

Black Cage Fronts x 1

  • Size Approx  350 X 350 (approx 13.75" )
  • Has Pins
  • Bar Spacing approx 9mm
  • NO HOLES  , Good heavy guage
  • Centre Door is 12 x 18cm
  • 1 for $8
  • 6 for $40.00  and 12 for $72
  • WOW

These fronts are checked prior to dispatch to make sure the wire is unbroken and that the front is reasonably plumb.

They do not come with a lifetime guarantee, but we do always ensure you get good value for your money.

It is always a good idea to buy the fronts and then build the cage, if you have aleady got the cage contact us for the exact measurements.