Finch Rings
Please note sizes are only a guide please contact us for more specific information and other quantity pricing

SP1 2.3mm

  • Price is per 100
  • Suit foreign finches and small natives
  • Multitude of vibrant colours , easy to see on bird in aviary
  • Comes with fitting tool
  • Available in numbered  add $30/100 contact us
  • Commercial Quality & very light on bird's leg

SP2 2.8mm

  • Price is per 100
  • Large Finch and Australian
  • Multitude of  vibrant colours
  • Come with tool for fitting
  • Available in numbered add $30/100 contact us
  • Commercial Quality & very light on bird's leg

Aluminium Clip Rings 2.5mm

  • Price is per 100
  • Each rod is Numbered 1-20 and is attached in lots of 20
  • Great single use ring - easy to use
  • Come in 8 colours - random colours supplied unless specific request received
  • Commercial Quality Rings
  • Very Light Numbering which may be difficult to read for some.


  • Still good value at this price for an aluminium ring.

Closed Aluminium Rings

These rings are available in closed or SPLITS
  • Price is per 10 - Stock Lines
  • Permanent identification
  • email us for pricing on larger quantity, personalized or more info on sizes lentradirect@exemail.com.au

Plain Closed Aluminium Rings

  • This price is for 100 . These are un-coloured ie. silver but are all numbered.
  • Limited Quantity of closed rings to suit finches , honeyeaters, canaries
  • Sizes 2.1mm to 3.3mm  approx ( A - J)
  • We would like to clear these so will split for extra $5.00 per 100
  • That means quality aluminium for the price of plastic  !!!!!!!!!


NB :Picture is for illustration purpose only. Not all rings are on rods.

All are consecutitively numbered.

2.00mm split Aluminium Alloy rings

  • Price is for 100
  • Very small AA size 2.00mm int diam. and 5mm long
  • split and numbered
  • silver in colour
  • suit very small finches and waxbills


NEW STYLE COMES COMPLETE WITH TOOL... Great closing , new bright colours

Per 12 Plain --- Random colours supplied so if you have a specific request simply make a note on order or contact us lentradirect@exemail.com.au

$35.00/10 cards = $35.00 for 120 rings supplied in random mixed colours

Sizes to fit  Finch, Canary, Budgie  ,   


This price applies to a card of 12 rings  supplied in random  a colour.-( Colours are an indication only)

EZsp 2.5mm Numb
NB Photo illustrates style only THESE RINGS ARE NUMBERED

Split Plastic Rings with Numbers Finch

10 Cards of 12

# 1-120

Colours available are Pink, Orange , Yellow, Green, Blue and white


WOW !!!!!!!!!!

Contact us for greater quantity or special numbering lentradirect@exemail.com.au