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Super Savings for Clubs

Bulk Buys etc.

Services Sections can  buy and resell to members for fundraising.

If you aren"t in a club form a co-op with your friends.

Of course personal shoppers are always welcome to buy in BULK also.

Gtx 12

Green Trough 155mm X 12

  • Price is per 12
pc tp 12

Toe Punch X 12

  • Steel Plated Toe Punch
  • Favoured method of permanent identification
pc vs 500g

Virkon S 50g Sachets x 10 = 1/2 Kg

  • 10 lots of 50g sachets
  • Virkon is a virucidal disinfectant
  • Used by Govt Depts, customs clearing houses etc.
pc ketc bonus


  • USA Made
  • Multi Catch
  • Quality Product.  
  • contact as a courier delivery will be the best option for this item.

D CUP with Wire Hooks X 96

48 X 11 cm

48 X 11.5 cm all white

Please note these are a greyish white, so may not suit the more fastidious.