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Bird Nests & Nesting
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Vetafarm Psitta Bed Nesting Material 1.3Kg

  • Formulated Parrot Bedding
  • Eliminates odours and irritants by trapping ammonia and toxins
  • Boosts chick survival by controlling relative humidity
  • Pasteurised for safety.


Parrot NESTS

  • Conure , small parrot size $36.95
  • Large Parrot $49.95
Budgie Ply Box

Budgie Box

  • PLY construction
  • Recessed base
  • 23cm x 14 x 14  approx
  • 5cm diameter entrance hole
  • suit budgies, varieds and other small birds
  • use inside cage, aviary or breeding box
  • ventilation slot at rear of box and outside porch
  • Also available in MDF / particle Board $7.50

Hooded Nest

  • Ever popular
  • Small : 9 x 9 cm  @ $2.00
  • Large: 12 x 15cm @ $2.50
  • We stock 2 sizes but can order in Xtra large if required


Rattan Canary Nest

  • 12 x 8cm Rattan
  • Small Size

Chromed Canary Nest

  • 12cm diam
  • All metal with air holes and chromed hooks
  • Suit Canary, Finch and small dove

Plastic Canary Nest with outside Holder

  • Save space in your breeding cabinet or cage
  • Easy to access eggs with minimal stress to Mum
  • Chromed metal frame with spring loaded door.
  • All plastic ,white nest
  • Suit Finch or Canary
  • Discount applies for bulk purchases ( 10 + Quantity )
Please note these are GREY

Plastic NEST BOX

  • All Plastic  Construction
  • 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 12.5cm
  • entrance hole is 9.5cm long and about 4.5cm deep
  • suits finch, bush budgie, little lorikeet, sugar glider
  • use inside cage, aviary or breeding box
  • has ventilation slot at base  of box and comes with a perch and hooks to hang.
  • Esay to Clean and Durable

Canary Nest

All plastic

Australian Made

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Canary Nest with Wire Holder

Blue or White