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Welcome to the website of lentradirect.We are an Australian Business :
ABN 30 052 290 249 .Lentradirect is a Registered  trading name of our PTY LTD Company.

We have been supplying aviculturists since 1991.

We specialise in identification products (rings, bands and tags).
To compliment this we stock a very thorough range of bird keeping and poultry supplies.Our range is continually expanding.

We offer quality products at competetive prices. We put our price and lots of information out there, we believe in honesty and fairness in business.Since setting up this site we have been very fortunate to have met and dealt with a many breeders and hobbyists, as well as pet bird owners , we thank you for your support.

We do not pretend to be experts but are very happy to share our insight with those involved in the hobby.

Contact us and don't forget to add us to your favourites. 

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Everyone can save ... you don't have to join a club or subscribe just place your order and start saving money today.